Where to Walk your Dog in the Lakes Region of NH

Where to Walk your Dog in the Lakes Region of NH

If your idea of a good time with your dog is hiking up the side of a mountain or in the woods somewhere that can let you and your dog get some dirt under your paws, then you’ll love hiking in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with your dog.  As long as you have a little experience navigating parks or hiking trails, you’ll find that this list of places to walk your dog to be a very fun and stress-free time bonding together. 

Inspired by Stay, Work, Play New Hampshire’s blog, Where To Walk Your Dog On The Seacoast, we set out to find a few places in the Lakes Region to enjoy the spring weather with your dog!

Ramblin’ Vewe Farm Trails in Gilford

Two and a half miles of moderately challenging hiking for as far as the eye can see.  Just show up at any one of the main entry points and pick a trail.  The trails are very easy to follow and well-marked, making it easy to pace oneself with their doggy.  Some of the trails might be a little too challenging for beginners or dogs that don’t get a lot of outdoor activity, though, so take it easy.

Locke Hill in Gilford

This nice little trail runs just under two miles, also providing a decent challenge to the beginner hiker.  This trail has an excellent view of Lake Winnipesaukee; once you reach the top, you’re treated with telescopes to see out, as well as furniture carved into rocks, which are actually pretty comfortable.  It is recommended for dogs to be kept on a leash while hiking.

Ahern State Park in Laconia

If you’re looking for a place that has some great trekking, with no difficult climbs, as well as a little beach fun to play Frisbee with your pooch, Ahern State Park is a great choice.  This park, on Lake Winnisquam, gets a steady amount of visitors, making it popular for both kids and dogs, as there are plenty of new friends to meet along the way.  This park has very few man-made structures to interrupt the view of the natural surroundings. Dogs should be kept off the beach in the summer but are free to roam the trails on leash.

Enjoying the view from atop Mount Major with a dog walking client

Mount Major in Alton

This is another beginner-friendly place to hike with your dog, although the trails aren’t a pushover for the uninitiated.  Hiking is fun in the spring and early summer but would prove a bit more challenging once rain or snow begins to fall. No poisonous snakes or spiders are found at Mount Major, so you can rest easy as a dog owner, just don’t let them snack on random plants, of course.

Honorable mentions include:

  • Belknap Mountain Range Trails, especially Piper Mountain and Belknap Mountain in Gilford
  • The newly expanded WOW Trail along Lake Opechee and Lake Winnisquam in Laconia which leads to a nice downtown area where you’ll find the always popular coffee shop, Wayfarer Coffee Roasters. While dogs are not allowed in the coffee shop, we have seen plenty of dogs waiting patiently on the sidewalk for their owner’s.

Are you ready to do some walking?  These amazing trails are sure to please both you and your dog!  Let your dog follow his nose as he explores the beauty of the Lakes Region, right here in New Hampshire!  Grab your FitBit and become one with nature.  You’ll be glad you did!

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CiCi having fun in the Belknap Mountain Range Trails

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