Benefits of Mid-Day Dog Walks for You and Your Dog

Benefits of Mid-Day Dog Walks for You and Your Dog

Have you wondered if mid-day dog walks are right for you and your dog? Below are just some of the reasons dog owners in Laconia, Gilford, Meredith, and Belmont, New Hampshire are scheduling daily mid-day dog walks. While there are many more reasons, including injured owners, dogs that have more energy than their owners can keep up with, and owners who simply want more companionship for their dogs, below are a few of the more popular reasons we see for hiring a dog walker.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker

1. Improved Pet Health

One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is to provide 3 or more 20 minute walks per day. We know you are busy professionals and parents who can barely find time in your day to get everything done that you need to do. There is no reason to make Fido suffer when Homeward Bound dog walkers come right to your house! We will get your pups out for a walk that we customize to their needs. It could be a lengthy power walk, a stroll around the neighborhood, or a fierce game of fetch in your backyard. You decide or better yet, let Fido choose!

2. Socialization & Stimulation

Exercising your dog’s mind is just as important as it is to exercise their body! Engaging their senses and letting them meet new people and pets encourages socialization and keeps their minds active. See what a mid-day dog walk looks like in the video below.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker

See what a mid-day dog walk with homeward Bound looks like!

3. Improved Pet Behavior

3. Improved Pet Behavior

A tired dog is a good dog! Walks help burn excess energy so your dog doesn’t engage in destructive bad habits. Have you ever come home to a living room “redecorated” in feathers simply because your dog was bored and needed a distraction. By getting out for one of our untimed mid-day walks, Fido will burn some of that excess energy and be able to rest easily until you get home.

4. Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Hiring a dog walker gives you the peace of mind that your dog is well taken care of, even when you aren’t at home. You don’t need to worry if you have are running late at work, running errands after work, or joining up with friends for after-work festivities. Your dog will be tired from his mid-day walk with a Homeward Bound dog walker. After each walk you will receive an email or text with a link to a personalized Pet Care Journal with pictures of your dog, a checklist of activities that occurred and a quick story about the day’s walk. Who doesn’t love sitting at their desk and getting a picture of their cute little pup?!

5. Saves You Time

Is your commute too long to allow you to run home at lunch time? Even if you are able to make it home, are you able to give your dog more than a potty break? Reclaim your lunch break with a mid-day dog walker! Are you too busy getting dinner together for your kids after work to get your pooch out for a long walk? We all live busy lives and every minute counts! With a regular dog walker, your dog still gets all of the exercise and attention they deserve, while you get back a great deal of time, in addition to, a relaxed and happy dog! Everyone wins!

How Do I Get Started With Dog Walks in the Lakes Region?

Does any of the above sound like your dog? Are you asking yourself, how can I get my dog signed up for mid-day dog walks? It’s simple! If you want to experience the benefits of a relaxed and happy pup and live within our service area of Laconia, Gilford, Meredith or Belmont in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, simply contact us at 603.998.0954 or schedule your free meet and greet! You’ll put a smile on your pup’s face!

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