Local Lakes Region, NH Dog Walker Featured in Pets+ Magazine

Local Lakes Region, NH Dog Walker Featured in Pets+ Magazine

When Pets+ Magazine, a national pet industry magazine, emailed me in May and asked to feature me and Homeward Bound as a part of their Sanity Files in the September 2018 issue I jumped at the chance! When they asked if I knew a local photographer they could hire, I immediately thought of Rob Clifford at Clifford Photography. My husband and I had hired Rob a couple years earlier for our outdoor wedding and he was amazing to work with!

Getting Ready

Pamela at Pets+ contacted Rob and got the ball rolling. Next up was getting hair and make up done by Kelsey at Salon Amara. I was starting to feel like a super star! Of course, the pups also needed a bath and new collar both of which I was able to take care of at Laconia Pet Center. I couldn’t be the only star of the show!

The Photo Shoot Antics

Check out Poppy’s antics in this video!

It was a typical Lakes Region spring May night when Rob arrived to take the photos. He quickly got set up with his white backdrop while we tried to get my dog used to Rob. The magazine specified having my dog in the photo with me. The only problem? My dog CiCi, is afraid of people she doesn’t know. So I also invited one of my client’s dogs, Poppy, who CiCi just loves. I was hoping that having Poppy there would calm CiCi down a bit. It worked a little bit in calming CiCi but Poppy went into full on diva mode! She wouldn’t sit still and when she did sit still she wouldn’t face the camera. She thought it was a game to see if we could catch her and get her to sit. She thought it was fun to chase the feet of the photographer every time he came near me. I have to say her antics were adorable and we were all doubled over in laughter many times by her shenanigans! I wish I had gotten better video of them! When we finally did get a good shot of Poppy, she was front and center, of course, being the diva she is.

Time To Get Serious

Since it wasn’t working with just CiCi and this stranger was pointing a big, scary machine at her, we brought in another one of CiCi’s BFFs, my mom’s dog Gator. Gator is just a big, goofy Rottweiler who CiCi absolutely adores. With Gator and enough treats to feed a horse we were finally able to get some good shots with the 2 black dogs.

The Final Product!

Rob sent all the photos off to the magazine and we had no idea which one they would pick. It’s been a long 3 months keeping this secret! I have been so excited waiting for the magazine to come out so I could share this with all of you!

Article as appeared in Pets+ Magazine Sanity Files page in the September 2018 issue.

Click here to see the article on Pets+ website!

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