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Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with Your Dog

Spring is here and the official first day of Summer is less than a month away on June, 21st! Are you excited? We sure are! These warmer months mean that many adventures for you and your pup are afoot. Because we all have a little bit of adventurer in us, Homeward Bound has created a list of tips for you when traveling with your dog (what fun is traveling without your four legged best friend?). Without further ado, here is our list!

Make a Packing List When Traveling with Your Dog

Regardless of how you are traveling with your dog, plane, train, or automobile, it is just as important to have a packing list for them as it is to have one for you. Forgetting an item on the human packing list can be annoying, but usually not a big deal as some things can easily be replaced. Forgetting something for your dog is a little different as they are accustomed to a certain type of food, a special toy, or perhaps a certain type of harness. These items may be harder to find on your travels if they are left at home so it is important to be prepared and make sure that you packed all of their necessities. Think of everything that your dog needs or uses on a daily basis and add those items to your packing list. Also keep in mind how long you will be traveling. This will help you to determine how much food they need, how much fresh water, etc.

You may also want to make sure that you have updated identification tags for your dog with their name, your name, and your phone number. If something does happen to your dog on your travels, and they get lost, an ID tag will help them get back to you faster as the person who finds your dog will immediately know who to contact. For more information on lost dog prevention, visit our blog post for National Lost Dog Awareness Day.

Traveling by Car With Your Dog

If you and your dog are embarking on a road trip, here are a few tips and tricks to keep everyone happy during your travels!

Make Sure Your Dog is Comfortable

Give your dog a nice place to rest on the car ride. This might include their favorite bed and a few toys to keep them occupied if they do not want to nap

Take Frequent Breaks

Breaks to go to the bathroom and to stretch tired legs are important for your dog friend, just like they are for you. You may need to do a little research beforehand for dog friendly stops as some rest areas have fenced in areas for your dog to run around in. These can be a great asset for long trips in the car.

Traveling by Plane With Your Dog

If you and your dog will soon be soaring through the sky to your vacation destination, check out the tips below for flying with your pup!

Traveling by Plane With Your Dog

Get Your Dog Tired Before Boarding

As with traveling any distance, it is a good idea to make sure that your dog has a chance to get their energy out before they are cooped up on a plane. Exercising them thoroughly beforehand will make for a much more enjoyable flight for everyone!

Do Your Research

Make sure that you research in advance what the airline will require from you when bringing your dog on the flight. Do they need updated vaccine records and proof from your veterinarian that your dog is ready for travel? Do they have certain specifications and standards for the type of crate that your dog will be traveling in? These and several other questions are good to look into as rules and regulations can vary from airline to airline.

Limit Your Dog’s Food and Water Intake

It is also a good idea to limit your dog’s access to food and water a couple of hours before your flight. Potty breaks are much harder several thousand feet off of the ground.

We hope that these quick tips allow you to have many fun, safe travels with your dog this summer!

Thank you for reading our tips on traveling with your dog! Do you have any travel plans with your furry friend? Feel free to share your adventures in the comments below and have a safe trip!

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