Top 4 Dog Friendly Restaurants Accessible By Boat

Top 4 Dog-Friendly Restaurants Accessible By Boat

Summer is a season that can pass all too quickly, so why not spend your days traveling with your dog by boat, on the hunt for some delicious treats?

The Lake Winnipesaukee region is unique in that it not only offers a lot of amazing dog friendly restaurants, but it also offers many that are accessible by boat. All you need is your furry pal, a boat and a short walk on shore to access some really great dog friendly restaurants. There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon.

Top 4 Lake Winnipesaukee Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Lakeside Deli and Grill

This home-style deli is the perfect destination for any boater looking to get a meal with their dog. Located in the charming nook of Meredith Bay, and a seven minute walk from Meredith Town Docks, the stunning view and delicious food will have you coming back again and again.

Top 4 Lake Winnipesaukee Dog-Friendly Restaurants

For diners accompanied by dogs, there are many outdoor seating options, all with an exceptional view of the waterfront. Their picnic tables are shaded by large beach umbrellas and just up a few stairs you’ll find some sturdy wooden dining tables on their covered patio, offering an elevated view of the surrounding scenery.

Pop inside to place your order and have your food brought out while you and your dog enjoy the beautiful New Hampshire summer weather.

Frog Rock Tavern

Also located in Meredith Bay, this tucked-away tavern is a delightful place to take your pup on a sunny day. The walk from the Meredith Town Docks through the beautifully preserved streets of Meredith is enough to transport you and your companion back to a simpler time, when phones were on walls and reviews were only in the newspaper.

The brightly painted storefronts and peaked roof homes that line the busy streets will lead you right to Frog Rock Tavern’s front steps.

Frog Rock Tavern is a local treasure where you can grab a bite and a pint. They offer a spacious covered patio perfect for those blistering summer days when you want to get out of the sun but still get the cool breeze that swoops off Lake Winnipesaukee.

Next to the tavern there is a beautiful grassy park with stone benches where you and your dog can relax and people watch as the crowds move up and down Main Street.

Yum Yum Shop

This playfully named bakery is the perfect place for some lakeside sweets with your pooch. Located right next to the Wolfeboro public docks, the Yum Yum Shop is easily accessible to anyone setting down their anchor in Wolfeboro.

Yum Yum Shop has a brightly coloured façade with bright blue and white patio furniture where you and your dog can sit and enjoy anything from cookies to donuts and a whole lot in-between.

In the mood for something cool? You’re in luck, the Yum Yum Shop has a ton of delicious ice cream flavours that you and your dog can enjoy in large waffle cones. Your pup will love the crunch!


If you’re looking for a dog-friendly dining experience with seafood and a view, look no further.

Wolfetrap is a wonderful family owned grill and raw bar with a diverse menu. Their dog-friendly patio, which overlooks Back Bay, is the perfect spot for an outdoor summer bite.

Part of Wolfetrap’s charm is its location, Wolfeboro. Whether you’re a resident, a cottager or a first time visitor, a boating trip to Wolfeboro should be high on your summer to-do list. Located in the eastern corner of Lake Winnipesaukee, this charming town is a perfect summer boating destination for you and your dog.

There are public docks for you to secure your boat and Wolfeboro itself is so easily walkable that you can see all you’d like by foot. That’s something your dog is going to love!

The Lake Winnipesaukee region is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal with your dog. Whether you’re looking for a burger, seafood, a pint or even ice cream you and your pup will be happy you made the trip!

Did we miss any of your favorite spots to dine with your pup? Let us know in the comments below!

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