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Top Four Reasons Your Dog Needs Exercise

Top Four Reasons Your Dog Needs Exercise

When we get into routines it’s really easy to forget the significance of our day to day tasks, and occasionally we can convince ourselves that some of our most essential tasks can be put off until tomorrow. This is especially true when it comes to pet care, more specifically dog walking. How many times have you promised your dog, with only the best intentions, that you’d take them on a walk after work? Now how many times have you actually followed through? 

Walking your dog is a necessity because exercise is essential to maintaining your dog’s overall health. So if you don’t have the time to walk Fido then it’s important to hire someone who does. 

Here are a few important reasons why a nice long walk should be an essential part of your dog’s day. 

Walks Are Good for Your Dog’s Heart

No matter how old your dog is it is never too early or too late to start taking care of their heart. Canine cardiovascular health is just as important as human cardiovascular health and you can maintain or improve your dog’s heart health the same way you maintain your own. 

Making sure your dog is active and eating properly are the two best and easiest ways to keep your dog’s heart healthy and happy. So it’s important to make sure your dog is getting at least one brisk walk a day, and if they’re not then it’s time to contact a local dog walker. 

Always remember that the heart is a muscle and it requires regular exercise in order to stay strong. 

As your dog ages, regular exercise becomes even more important. So make sure that your furry pal is getting the long walks needed in order to maintain optimal cardiovascular health. 

Top Four Reasons Your Dog Needs Exercise

Walks Positively Affects Your Dog’s Temperament

Like humans, dogs can also have anxiety and feel restless when stuck indoors for too long. The healthiest and fastest way to calm them down is to schedule regular walks. 

Exercise is one of the most overlooked cures for an anxious pet. The more exercise they get, the happier they become. Not to mention taking your pup out into the world for a walk helps them become less timid and more comfortable in new environments. 

So if your dog is anxious because they’re stuck indoors all day or if they are generally afraid of change or new surroundings, try going on regular walks. It can really help them get out of their comfort zone and reshape their timid behavior so they can get out and enjoy some fresh air. 

Fewer Trips to the Vet for Your Dog

Regular walks promote joint and bone health keeping your pet agile and strong. This is important especially as they age and become more prone to injury or joint pain, which may require veterinary care. 

Exercise also allows your pet to build and maintain muscle mass which plays a key role in healthy aging and avoiding injury. Making sure your dog is walked at least once a day is the perfect way to prevent stiffness and ensure your dog’s joints aren’t getting clunky with age. 

Stiff or poorly functioning joints can seriously impede your dog’s ability to live a full life, it can force them to stay indoors and make day to day obstacles like stairs a nightmare. Keeping your dog active in youth will make sure they age gracefully and require fewer emergency vet visits. 

Help Your Dog Maintain A Healthy Weight

In order for your dog to maintain a healthy bodyweight exercise is a must. It’s not enough to just eat right, dogs are very active and if you want your dog to thrive then fitness will play an essential role. 

Thousands of years ago before dogs were domesticated they had no problem keeping a healthy body weight. In the wild it was easy to find opportunities to run and burn off fat. But now that so many dogs live indoors and don’t have enough space to get the physical activity they need, it’s really easy for dogs of all breeds to become overweight. 

When your dog is overweight it puts stress on their entire body, from joints to vital organs, and it puts them at a very high risk of premature death. The most effective way you can keep your dog at a healthy weight is by taking them on walks or signing them up with a dog walker who will ensure they are receiving the type of exercise they need. 

Your dog is a member of the family, and they need you to look out for their needs and interests. So make sure you’re doing everything you can to promote a long and active life.

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