Getting Your Dog Ready for Back to School

Getting Your Dog Ready for Back to School

Summer is a dog’s favorite season. Long daylight hours and warm weather mean fetch is a constant possibility, humans have more time off so walks are plentiful, not to mention the kids are home from school! Having a full house means the dog gets the constant attention he craves. Even on rainy days when walks aren’t an option, there’s always someone to cuddle with or play a fun game of tug-of-war. 

It’s really not difficult keeping your dog busy in the summer, but as the days grow shorter and the leaves start to fade, your dog knows that back to school is just around the corner. Which means lots of long hours alone waiting for you to come home. But back to school doesn’t have to be a lonely time for your pup. 

Here are a few of the many fun ways you can keep your dog occupied as the kids are sent back to school and your schedules get a little busier. 

Get a Treat Dispensing Toy 

Having toys is a great way to provide your dog with the means to entertain himself, but finding the right toy can be a challenge. The hard part is knowing what toy is really going to grab your dog’s attention and what toy is going to end up in the trash. 

Get a Treat Dispensing Toy

Selecting a toy that dispenses food is a sure-fire way to get your dog something they will love. Food dispensing toys, like a Kong for example, will keep your dog busy for hours. 

For starters, Kongs are rubber and have an odd shape which makes them bounce and roll in unpredictable patterns. This makes them a lot of fun for your dog to chase because unlike other toys, like a tennis ball, a Kong will bounce around the room in erratic patterns and keep your dog guessing. 

But the best part about Kongs is that they’re hollow and can be filled with kibble or dog treats, so as they roll and bounce around the house it occasionally drops food. Even if your pup loses interest in chasing after the Kong, the possibility of knocking out a treat will keep them entertained for hours. 

So if you’re trying to find a toy to entertain your high energy and food motivated pup, look no further than the Kong. 

Find Your Dog a Friend 

Do you know what’s better than being alone? Being alone together. 

One of the worst things about having only one dog is that when you’re at work and the kids are at school there’s no one else for your dog to spend time with. But just because you don’t own another dog doesn’t mean your dog has to be lonely. 

Talk to your neighbors and friends who have dogs and see how their pets spend the day. You might be surprised to discover that a lot of dogs spend the afternoon at home alone too. So why not invite a dog you know over to your house during the day so your dog can have some company while everyone else is away? 

Dogs are incredibly social creatures, they need to have company and if they spend too much time on their own they can begin to act out, show signs of severe stress, and even age faster. So the best way to keep your dog happy is to organize a play date. 

By making time in your dog’s day for a friend you’re giving them the company they need to lead a happy life. When a lonely dog has a friend it can significantly improve their quality of life and give them someone to play with when you’re gone, so those long hours don’t feel so empty. 

There are so many happy pups who sit at home waiting for their owners that creating an environment where they can wait together is a much healthier alternative than isolating them with nothing but a TV or a radio to provide some background noise. 

Hire a Dog Walker 

One of the best ways to keep your dog busy, and get them used to the new back to school routine, is to hire a dog walker. 

Just because you don’t have as much time to spend with your dog doesn’t mean they have to be alone. Instead of spending their days inside, a dog walker allows your dog to spend a good chunk of the day outdoors, enjoying the warm sun, fresh air, and some much-needed companionship. 

When the kids go back to school and you’re at work it’s easy for your dog to feel forgotten, but a dog walker fills the gap left in their day. 

Not only will your dog have something to keep them busy while you’re away, but they’ll also get some much-needed exercise while forming a bond with the dog walker and the other pups. 

Dogs crave relationships, whether it’s with people or other animals. One of the often-overlooked attributes of dog walking is that it gives your furry pal the opportunity to socialize and experience new friendships. 

By signing Fido up for regular walks you’re not only getting them out of the house during the day, but you’re also helping them grow personally. 

Dog walkers provide the essential components necessary for your dog to comfortably adjust to the back to school lifestyle, making the transition easy and inviting. 

There are so many ways to get your dog ready for back to school, but the important thing is finding time to spend with them when you are home. No matter how busy your day was or how much homework you brought home with you, always remember to take some time to play with your pup, because while you were working and learning, they were patiently waiting to see you again. 

How are you preparing your dog for his new normal when your kids go back to school?

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