3 Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Halloween Walk

3 Tips for Taking Your Dog on a Halloween Walk

For many people, Halloween is a day they look forward to all year. There’s the fun costumes, the tasty candy and lots of spooky events. But while you’re all excited to show off your clever new costume or hand out candy to trick or treaters, your dog might be feeling a little left out. 

For most dogs, Halloween is a day they dread because they have to face something that actually scares them, the much-feared but rarely conquered doorbell. (GASP) 

If you have a dog you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Imagine this, it’s about 5pm on Halloween. The sun is starting to set. Kids and parents line the streets and your dog is glued to the window, trying to figure out what everyone’s all excited about. Then all of a sudden, one of these little masked monsters runs up to the house and the doorbell is ringing again and again. 

Much to your dog’s surprise everyone is fine with masked children ringing the doorbell over and over but the minute she barks everyone “Shhhh’s” her. Or even worse, she gets put in the backyard where she can’t even see the bell ringing culprits terrorizing her neighborhood 

The good news is there’s a great way to get your dog to love Halloween while keeping her from barking up a storm. Take them on a nice Halloween walk so they can share in the fun. 

But as much fun as a Halloween walk can be, it does come with a few hazards. Here are some helpful tips on how to make sure you and your dog have a safe and fun walk this Halloween. 

Use a Leash 

No matter how well trained your dog is, always walk them on a leash when you’re out at night, especially on Halloween. 

Halloween is full of unusual sights and smells and it’s easy for your dog to get excited and feel the need to chase. To avoid having your dog run after someone in an interesting costume or literally try to steal candy from a baby, it’s best to keep your pup tethered to you. Plus if your dog happens to be highly food motivated the smell of sweets might be too tempting for them to ignore. Without a leash it’s unlikely you’ll be able to keep your dog by your side. 

A leash is also a good way to make sure your skittish dog feels safe. Think of it like a safety blanket for your dog, always reminding them that you’re right there by their side in case they get startled by all the kids in costumes. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the leash you use for nighttime walks is highly reflective, making you and your dog visible to passing cars. 

Staying Visible at Night

While having a reflective leash is a bonus there are many other ways to stay visible. 

Try wearing a brightly colored jacket or reflective vest. Drivers won’t always be able to see your dog, especially if you have a small breed, but if you’re wearing reflective gear drivers will be able to see you 

at a distance. Reflective gear gives you peace of mind when you and your dog are crossing the street or walking behind cars reversing from driveways. 

Another cute way to keep your dog visible is by dressing them up in a costume. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to miss something as cute as a pup in a Halloween costume, so why not make staying safe fun? 

There are a TON of great costumes available online for dogs of all breeds, so make sure you pick one that fits your dog so they can stay visible and comfortable. 

Be Mindful of what Your Dog is Sniffing

Dogs love to sniff when they’re out for a walk, and sometimes they’ll find something to chew on, a stick, a discarded ball, grass. But on Halloween, you need to be a little more aware of what your dog is nibbling on. 

Chocolate is the staple ingredient in most candies handed out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, and a surprising amount of these treats get dropped on the sidewalk. Think about all the candy bars you used to love collecting on Halloween when you were a kid, now think about how you used to run from door to door occasionally dropping a treat or two in your sugar-fueled frenzy. Well, those discarded fun-sized chocolate bars might seem harmless to us but enough chocolate can make your dog very sick. 

To avoid any unwanted tummy troubles it’s best to keep a keen eye on what your dog is sniffing during your Halloween walk. 

Follow these tips and you and your pup will start your Halloween walk off on the right paw. 

Contact us for all of your other dog walking needs or for any tips or tricks that might make your walk a little easier. It’s the first step to having a healthier, happier pup. 

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