3 Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Dog this Winter

3 Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Dog this Winter

A winter wonderland is upon us and with it comes hot drinks, cozy sweaters and many snow-filled adventures for you and your pup to enjoy.

Winter is a stunning season in New Hampshire, with the bright snow dusting the windswept valleys and crowning the high mountain tops, there’s nothing quite like it. With its natural beauty and seasonal cheer, the Lakes Region has something for everyone this time of year. This is especially true if you and your dog love the small-town feel around the Holidays. There’s no shortage of fun winter activities and heartwarming Christmas festivities to keep you and your pup busy. 

If you’re looking to have some fun, here are three activities for you and your dog to enjoy this Holiday season. 

Getting Your Photo with Santa 

This is a must-do. 

Getting Pet Photo With Santa Homeward Bound Dog Walking
Getting Pet Photo With Santa Homeward Bound Dog Walking

Getting photos beside Santa isn’t just for kids, it’s for fun-loving grown-ups and their cheerful dogs, too. There is nothing cuter than seeing your happy pup posing for a photo next to Mr. Claus himself. Plus, Santa will thank you, the big guy loves dogs of all shapes and sizes and he usually has some treats if they’re well-behaved. 

Getting a photo with Santa is the best way for you and your dog to start off the season and it’s guaranteed to spark your Christmas spirit! Not only is the experience of meeting Santa a total blast, but you’ll get a photo to hang on your fridge, too! Plus, you can even use the photo and make adorable Christmas cards to send to your friends and family. Meeting Santa is the gift that just keeps on giving. 

Shoveling Snow 

Shoveling Snow

Now, this might not sound like fun at first but bear with me because this one is cute. 

Anyone from the Lakes Region (or New Hampshire for that matter) knows what a pain it is to constantly shovel yourself out after a big snowfall. But it doesn’t have to be a huge drag. Have you ever tried shoveling with your dog

Next time there’s a big snowfall grab your shovel and your dog before heading outdoors. Dogs have a way of making mundane activities fun. It’s a total blast watching them chase a shovel full of snow as you toss it over your shoulder, and if you have a loved one recording it on their smartphone you can make a cute home video to share during the Holiday season. Nothing brightens up your day like a frosty pup trying to catch a cloud of flying snow as you clear your driveway. 

Window Shopping in Downtown Meredith 

If you want to fall in love with the season there is no better place for you than downtown Meredith, New Hampshire. This stunning historic town looks like it was transplanted right out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. The colonial facades and large windowed storefronts have so much character on their own but when you add a gentle dusting of snow and carefully placed Christmas decorations you get the perfect place for a Christmas walk. 

Grab the leash and take your pup on a stroll down Main Street to get yourselves in the Christmas spirit. Grab a warm drink from the 48 Main Café & Creperie and admire the century-old churches and cheerful Christmas lights along the frosted rooftops. Smell the cedar in the air from logs burning in a distant fireplace and saunter passed city hall and the old post office. You and your pup will enjoy the moment, and be transported back to a simpler time. 

The Holiday season is about getting to spend quality one-on-one time with the ones you love, your dog included. But we all know how busy the Holidays can be. So on days when you don’t have time to spend with your four-legged pal, it’s always a good idea to have a dog walker to pick up the slack. 

What is you and your dog’s favorite winter activity?

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