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4 Important Reasons to Manage Your Dogs Weight

4 Important Reasons to Manage Your Dogs Weight

It’s pretty common for people to put on a little extra weight over the holidays. It’s easy to gorge on decadent food and then fall into sedentary indoor habits because of the cold, which can lead to weight gain. We are reminded time and again by family and health professionals how important it is to manage our weight in order to live a long and healthy life. But while focusing on burning off our extra pounds we often forget to maintain our pet’s weight too. 

Dogs also gain weight over the holidays. Between the generous table scraps and extra helpings of dog treats, it’s really easy to see why your dog might gain a few pounds over the Holiday Season. But when your dog is also getting outside less, a few extra pounds can turn into a serious weight problem if left uncorrected, and being overweight is just as unhealthy for dogs as it is for people. 

Your Dog can Develop Heart Problems

Here are four risks of having an overweight dog: 

Your Dog can Develop Heart Problems 

Dogs who are overweight can develop serious and potentially fatal heart disease. Like people, excess weight in dogs has been linked to high blood pressure, major respiratory issues and chronic fatigue. 

If left untreated obesity can take a serious toll on your dog’s heart, and the longer your dog is overweight the more difficult it is to reverse the progression of their illness. 

This is why it is so important to be a proactive pet owner who does not allow a slight weight gain to gradually turn into obesity. An excellent way to prevent heart disease caused by obesity is to moderate your dog’s food intake and make sure your dog is active daily. 

Your Dog can Experience Severe Joint and Muscle Problems 

Carrying excess weight is really bad for your dog’s joints and muscles. It can make standing from a seated position difficult and cause routine slips and falls to become dangerous. Due to reduced mobility, your dog’s muscles become underused and they’re at high risk for strains and tears, making any exercise challenging. 

That’s why it’s so important to get your dog’s weight under control before it becomes an issue. It’s much easier to prevent obesity than it is to reverse obesity. Especially as your dog ages. 

Older dogs that are overweight have a significantly higher chance of developing hip dysplasia or other life-altering conditions that will make your dog’s life very difficult. Chronically inactive dogs can also lose bone density and develop osteoporosis. 

Muscles are meant to be used, so make sure that your dog gets their daily exercise. An active dog is a happy dog. 

You’ll Pay More Vet Bills 

Having a dog walker is an excellent way to maintain your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, but what most people don’t realize is having a dog walker is good for your wallet too. 

The added monthly expense of paying for a dog walker to keep your pup healthy is nothing compared to the vet bills that you’ll need to pay if your inactive pup becomes sick or injured from their sedentary lifestyle. 

Anyone who has been to the vet knows how expensive it can be. So it’s important to invest in your dog’s health to avoid illness and expensive vet visits further down the road. 

Your Dog will have a Low Quality of Life

Your Dog will have a Low Quality of Life 

Obese dogs not only live shorter lives than healthy dogs but they often suffer from a diminished quality of life too. It can be really difficult for an obese dog to participate in day-to-day activities like running, walking long distances, jumping onto furniture or climbing stairs. 

In order to preserve your dog’s quality of life and ensure they live a long time, you need to make sure that they eat appropriate portions of dog food, avoid human food and get proper exercise. 

If you’re too busy to regularly walk your dog or you simply don’t like walking your dog in the cold weather, you should seriously consider investing in a dog walker to make sure your pooch stays fit. 


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