How to Get your Dog out of that Winter Rut

How to Get your Dog out of that Winter Rut

Winter can be a long season in New Hampshire, and if you’re not careful it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a rut. Even though spring is just around the corner, it’s still a little chilly and slushy, so it’s easy to get discouraged and talk yourself out of going on a walk. But it’s important to remember that your dog is likely experiencing the same rut you’re in, only they’re depending on you to get them out of it. 

But it’s tough to get your dog out of their rut if you can’t find the time to get them outdoors, especially during the daylight hours. This is usually the case for most people who work 9am – 5pm. But just because you can’t take your dog on a warm afternoon walks this spring, doesn’t mean they have to sit at home all day. 

Here are the top three reasons dog walkers are essential for getting your dog out of their winter rut and ready for spring!

Your Dog Gets to Go Outside During the Day! 

No one wants to be stuck inside all day, least of all dogs. 

Daylight hours in winter are short, and there is a very narrow window in which your dog can enjoy the day. But you don’t want to bring your bad winter habits into the lovely spring months. Now that it’s getting nicer outside it’s the perfect time to kick those couch potatoes habits and get outdoors. It’s a great idea to hire a dog walker so your dog doesn’t have to wait till summer to see the sun again. 

Running and playing in the bright slushy outdoors is an excellent way to get your dog out of their winter rut and back to their normal healthy self, just in time for spring. 

Sunshine Will Improve Their Quality of Life 

Sunshine Will Improve Their Quality of Life

Getting your dog outside this spring will seriously help their attitude. 

If your dog spends a lot of time indoors and you’ve noticed them sleeping more often and eating less, then it’s time to make a change, and fast. When being indoors all day begins to impact your dog’s sleeping or eating habits, their lifestyle is long overdue for a correction. 

After all, dogs are animals and they need to get outside, stretch their legs, run like crazy and enjoy the daylight hours. By keeping your dog indoors and not allowing them to enjoy any time outdoors you’re seriously impacting their quality of life. 

If the only task on your dog’s daily schedule is “wait for my owner to come home,” that’s a big problem. 

Vitamin D 

Spring is the perfect time to soak up some much needed Vitamin D

Dogs need Vitamin D, and the best way for them to get it is through direct sunlight. Vitamin D is really easy to come by in the warm months, but as soon as the sun starts going down early your dog’s access to Vitamin D seriously dwindles. They may even risk being vitamin D deficient, which could impact their bone mass, wakefulness and ability to absorb calcium. So taking advantage of the warmer weather to get your dog outdoors and out of their winter rut is important. 

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that your dog needs in order to be healthy. They can get vitamin D through some foods but the most effective way for your dog to get the vitamin D they need is to absorb it from the sun. Vitamin D is so important that dogs even crave sunlight instinctually. 

Have you ever found your dog lying in a warm patch of sun near a window? They’re not trying to stay warm, they are taking their vitamins. Dogs instinctually seek out sunlight because they know their body needs it in order to produce vitamin D. 

So rather than making your dog hunt for tiny beams of sunlight shining in through a window, let them experience spring the way they were meant to and get them outdoors. 

Now that the weather is warming it’s a good idea to hire a dog walker who can make sure your dog has a fun day while soaking up all the vitamins they need. Getting your dog out of the house and into the bright outdoors is an excellent way to make sure your pup is getting out of their winter rut and enjoying the happy spring they deserve. 

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