3 Gifts for Earth, Humanity, and Pet Lovers

3 Meaningful Gifts for Planet, People and Pet Lovers 

The world keeps on changing. Doesn’t it seem like every morning we wake up to something new? World-shaking events like wildfires, climate change, and poverty make us pause and fit them into our daily perspective. Our own personal wants often shrink in comparison, and we find we are viewing the world through an ever-changing lens. 

At least the one thing that never seems to change is the love we give to – and get from! – our pets. In my early 20s up until my 40s the one constant in my life was my cat, Loki. He was there for moves across the country, new relationships, the death of my father and the start of my life with my husband. For every joy and heartache. Loki was always there with a big soft hug and a purr that never stopped. Our pets help keep us grounded and remind us what truly matters in life—the love we have for other living beings and our planet.  

With the holidays approaching so quickly, now is a great time to think about how you plan to allocate your gift-giving dollars. Of course, we love watching friends and family unwrap gifts that they can wear or use personally, but a lot of people already have too much STUFF! They smile just as happily over presents given in their name that have an impact that reaches beyond their own home or closet. So, I put together a little resource of meaningful presents that spread love far beyond our own lives – and I think the animal lovers on your gift list will smile when they open them, too.

1. Help family members tell their stories

Everyone has a lifetime of stories to tell. My father-in-law always has so many family stories to tell. I know my husband wishes he had all that rich history recorded to hold onto for a lifetime. Storyworth gives your loved ones the opportunity to share their stories in a custom and lasting, printed book. 

2. ‘Adopt’ a wild elephant, panda, tiger, polar bear, or other endangered animal 

I know I would be so ecstatic if someone sponsored a panda in my name from the World Wildlife Fund. What a cool gift for animal lovers! Adopt a member of one of these wild species in a friend’s name. You can also opt into bonuses like a cuddly stuffed animal and an adoption certificate. This makes a great gift for kids, too. Not only do they get a stuffed animal to cuddle, they see how gifts can also help animals or their habitat, globally.

3. Gift an easy indoor garden

Earth-loving friends – especially those who also love to cook – will love a microgreen growing kit from Urban Leaf. I know I would love year round basil and mint growing at my house! This is the perfect indoor garden for the colder months or for anyone with limited outdoor space! It’ll exercise their green thumb and they can also feel great about making sustainable food choices. 

These gifts pack a meaningful punch and put your hard-earned money to good use. You and your gift recipient can both feel good about helping some of the causes meaningful to you.

What’s on your holiday gift-buying list? Double your joy by sharing your gratitude for your friends and family with a present that’s not only thoughtful and beautiful, but makes a real difference for the lives of others, as well.

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